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I'm beginning to really question the title of this article. Is there some reason it's not Sigismund I of Poland? I'm asking because frankly it would never occur to me to look up a king by his family name -- although I would look up a family name in connection to a particular dynasty. Could other historian types please weigh in?

On another point, I would like to encourage everybody to avoid prosopography instead of actual history -- lists of relatives are the historical equivalent of dictionary entries -- and we all know that the Wikipedia isn't a dictionary! JHK

Actually, in Polish history he is known as Zygmunt Stary (Sigismund the Old). His son, howeverm is known as Zygmunt II August (Sigismud II August). I have no clue how to name the pages though. -- WojPob

Thanks! I was hoping one of the Polish contingent would answer! My suggestion is that we do a link of Sigismund I of Poland|Sigismund the Old -- that would allow folks to look under both names. I think the Jagiello stuff should go into a separate page -- like Hohenzollern, etc. JHK
There is a Jagiello page like the Hohezollern one: Jagiello. -- Paul Drye

Crown of Poland didn't went with his daughter to Vasas. Poland was not hereditary monarchy, so first it went to Henry Valois, then to Stephen Batory, and then to Vasas, and that they were relatives to Sigismund was argument which convinced szlachta that they should choose Vasas, but they could refuse him and elect someone else.