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I was thinking you were going to drop, yourself, due to exhaustion! Anyway, please don't leave too soon. Welcome! --Larry Sanger

Don't worry, I can't keep this up forever -- I've got uni next week...

Hi Simon, are you keeping an eye/ear on the cricket?

Nope, I've never really paid any attention to the cricket. I've on occasion watched rugby or AFL, but only because my friends or my brothers were. I'm not really that into sport myself.

Never mind, its just that if you're in Australia, I thought it was very odd time of day. But I've just looked it up, and its not.

I had a wonderful day today; I just lost a AUD 200 CD player.

Hey Simon, how are you? It fails, just so you know, at the second redirect, not just when it will cause a loop. For instance, the <nowiki>CountriesOfTheWorld page, which used to redirect to Countries of the World, would stop there, with the text "#REDIRECT Countries of the world" showing but not acted upon.

Thanks for all your contributions, by the way.  :-) --KQ

Hi Mr Prolific :) I have seen that over the last our you banged 15 quality pieces. Not bad. In the same time I did 23 but these were mostly one-liners plus two ready-made pastes. RecentChanges now looks like Simon-Piotr intercourse :) I may seem to act slap-dash but this seems to be the spirit of Wikipedia -- quickly&to-the-best-of-your-knowledge. Deliberation does not pay because others will rework you anyway. Why do you think you drop things in life? Is it a self-discipline problem or you are simply searching for your output area? In the long-run, you gotta develop a habit of completing things, otherwise life will bother you a bit. And as we are about life: let it serve you all the best -- I like brainy people :) -- Piotr Wozniak

Simon, these entries on law and international law are especially interesting and useful. A hobby? --MichaelTinkler

Yes, I'm a bit of an amateur law person. Its one of several things I'd do if I wasn't doing Computer Science. I'm especially interested in international law. I'm also very interested in British nationality law and Human Rights law, because its personally relevant: my mother was born in Scotland, so she's a British citizen; my brothers and sister are all British citizens, because their mother is; but I am not, because I was born before they changed the law to allow mothers to pass on their citizenship, so I'm not. Which I don't like--not only is it sexual discrimination, but it limits my ability to go live anywhere in the EU, something my siblings can but I can't (I can live in Britain, because I have what is called 'right of abode', but that doesn't count for the rest of the EU.) So I've been reading a lot about European and British Human rights law, because I've been hoping to challenge it on the grounds of sexual discrimination. Unfortunately I don't think I've got much hope as the law now stands, but there are changes in the pipeline which might give me success... -- Simon J Kissane

citizenship by sexual discrimination! You know, the opposite goes on in Israel all the time - children of Jewish fathers and Gentile mothers. I don't think they have any success unless they have been brought up Orthodox or are adult Orthodox converts --MichaelTinkler

Nice work expanding on the Old Catholics and sedevacantists, Simon. --MichaelTinkler

Thanks, Simon, for the Peace of Westphalia. That was my first requested article to be fulfilled! (my latest resolution is to not start any new articles in the post-1400 timeframe!) --MichaelTinkler

Oh, I was only responsible for the last paragraph, and for fixing the spelling :-) The rest was someone else's work -- Simon.