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Hah! I should have guessed that you'd be reading Banks as well! Great minds think alike :-) Wonder if i can dig out that list of culture ship names from somewhere...It really got a good going over in Look to Windward... -- Anders Törlind

Er, yes, I have the complete opus in first edition and most of them are signed (smiles smugly)....

Argh! Ack! Thpt! The benefits of actually living in Britain eh? Been years since he visited Sweden. Ah, well, i'll just go and admire my paperbacks :-) -- Anders Torlind

Is the Dunwich-England-Tunnels-Cthulhu story Brian Lumley's "The Burrowers Beneath"? From what I remember of that story -- it's been a long time -- it might fit. --PaulDrye

I have a (signed) copy somewhere... I'll have a look... sjc

I thought Kristallnacht was Nov 9-10...

--You may be right. I'll give it a check. sjc Later: You're right. I'll fix it now. sjc

In twelve monkeys you left the ellipsis in regarding the plot. Should'nt a encyclopedia remove ambiguity?

Probably. But a) I can't remember the name of the guy who did it. And b) even if I could, it wouldn't make a lot of difference. Also c) ellipses are cute. :-) sjc

Thanks for adding a section on the Beast of Bodmin. I've done a lot with cryptozoology, but I simply have no knowledge nor interest in the phantom cats field. It's almost got no blank links! (until I add more) -Alan D

Hi Steve -- hope you don't mind my changing your Beckham entry a bit...I'm still just astounded by how much he's matured since the 1998 World Cup and the incredible job he's done under Erikson. And of course, the fact that he had the bottle to keep taking free kicks yesterday until one FINALLY went in (all credit to the Greek keeper) is just so impressive...I'll stop gushing now. JHK No, it was only a stub when all was said and done. I'm totally chill about sensible edits to anything I do.sjc

Changed Ofrail to Office of the Rail Regulator. I think it was not called Ofrail to avoid the 'OFF rail' gag. True/False?

-- Can't remember  but you're probably right. sjc

Steve...I don't mind when people edit my stuff, but when I'm working on an initial entry, and I bother to let people know, I'd appreciate being allowed to finish the bloody thing. Your stuff is usually great, and I certainly don't consider myself an Anglo-Norman expert -- I just hate that after a couple of hours of research and writing a sizable article, I tried to save, and had a conflict because you'd been writing, too. Is there some sort of good-mannered protocol here  ?JHK

Sorry, I thought you'd just left it as stub. Is there any way you can integrate what you've done? sjc

When you get an edit conflict, your work is also preserved... just scroll down a bit and your revision coding is still there in the next box. When this happens to me, I immediately cut and paste my work into WORD or something, and then edit my work into the new revision. - MB
Yes, I can and yes I saved... it's just that the styles are very different and a lot of the info is similar. But next time I'll be clearer and say that I'm still working, too. It's only annoying because Steve writes such good stuff that I can't do what I've felt justified in doing in other such situations, and just paste my own in on top! By the way -- how do you feel about the Empress Matilda or Matilda entry -- what should we call her? No hard feelings -- JHK

Matilda, indubitably... sjc

You edited History_of_St_Albans,_England, but I re-wrote it off-line and just replaced it, so your fixes have gone, maybe. Sorry. --No worries, they were only a few links and typos. I'll cast an eye over it again. sjc

Re Helga and Norse mythology -- I did ask her for sources... :-) JHK There is actually some ropy secondary source material which indicates this, but what it will do for her is undo the ideological thrust of her argument: most of it argues that a number of (unnamed) Germanic books were lost post-Charlemagne, but mostly this seems to be due to them falling apart and not having been copied, rather than from a book-bonfire mentality. sjc PS: We are not talking about the Library at Alexandria here :-) sjc

Thanks for the help with the Celtic stuff. JHK

No problem. Glad to help out. sjc

Certainly if you think the longer name is necessary, I have no real objections. I had left "Eden Project, Cornwall" alone because I found another one quite easily, and for Penlee House I did not, but it's not a major panic. I do worry about the difficulty of cross-referencing, but the Penlee House is sufficiently obscure that this is not a practical worry, I'm sure. -- Paul Drye

I'm still at work, thanks! Tea will work, though. The first started drinking it in Prussia, from limoges cups, a Prussian invention from the time when what is now Limoges was inhabited by the early Prussians, with milk -- a Germanic discovery, I'm sure...good Scots whisky tonight, though -- a nice, peaty Islay! JHK

With an Old Prussi language inscription on the bottle, no doubt? sjc

yep -- Alte Keltische-Bayerische-Preussische Urquell!JHK

I didn't know Father Ted was Dead! what a shame! it's one of my favorite shows (we get lots of Beeb repeats on the American version -- league of gentlemen as well..) JHK

I know, I was gutted when I heard of Dermot Morgan's death. He was a brilliant stand-up comedian; I saw him play a venue in London once and he had me in stitches for about an hour and a half. Sorely missed. sjc