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I only want to point, that:

  1. Slavic scientists usually use words like ,,peacefull assimilated" instead of ,,conquered" :) Just like Balts do the same when speaking about Ugrofinns
  2. There is some wild theory that Slavs are those Balts, who left their homeland and where conquered by Huns etc. I've read that once in one, single article.
  3. Note about Slavs pledging allegiance to Emperor is irrevelant, since only small group of Slavs, (only from Western branch) did that, while expansion was done mainly by Eastern branch. I would suggest removing that sentence or putting more about other political entities which tried to overrun Slavic tribes plus info about states Slvs do.
  1. anyway HRE is anachronic, since the term started to be used in, IIRC some XIII century. .

IIRC == If I Remember Correctly.

The Slavic group of languages is completely different from the neighboring Baltic group

They're not "completely different", as they're both IE, and probably in closer genetic relation to each other than to any other group of IO languages. --Taw