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About continuum spectra: it's actually pretty complicated, as I understand it. The main component at UV-vis-IR wavelengths is black body radiation, which comes from thermal movement of charges, but at X-ray wavelengths there is bremsstrahlung (Breaking radiation, which is caused by electrons decelerating due to atomic nuclei), Compton scattering (photons scattering from electrons), and synchrotron radiation (electrons in magnetic fields). Perhaps it would be better off being explained in a seperate article, with a link from EM Spectra. I'll have a go when I get the time. -- DrBob

Hi Sodium: Thanks for the reply, I'll let you know what DrBob reckons...

Here's the comment, man: I'm going cancel the "Fundamental Dimensions" revision that you made.

Please leave it in place and add a "comment" as I did here. Thanks


Why did you create a comment page just for me, am I that important. :-)? If you replace the revision, rewrite it clearer. It is not obvious what the article is about. 'Fundamtenal dimensions' could exist - I am only doing A-level physics, but the text written on the page was either very obvious or covered elsewhere. -- sodium

ANSWER:So what? Can't I creat a comment page just for you? Yes you ARE important like all the wikipedians here...

You do not create a separate Comment page as well as a Talk, and you don't move somebody elses text there.

You may be a student, and I may be a teacher. Sometimes to explain really difficult concepts you got to put them in a way that LOOKS obvious, and I can assure you that the SI it's NOT obvious at all...

The article you wrote was full of unnesecary comment and repitition. It had one point (that you can't add different units), and it listed some of the SI units. The SI units have their own page. I don't think you'll find many people attempting to add speed and time.

Anyway Fundamental is misspelt: it seems that in a subconscious way you underestimate what is fundamental in life.

Yes obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be spending hours on the internet :-). -- sodium

Those illustrations you added to Chord are great. How did you make them? -- GWO

Thanks! I actually have a (slightly old) version of Sibelius which I do all my music work on. I save it as bmps then use Corelxara to turn it in to a PNG, adding any text that is needed. I'll be happy to do some more score-illustrations if you (or anybody else) needs any. --sodium