Stan Kelly-Bootle

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Born Liverpool, England, 1929.

Web page:

Mr. Kelly-Bootle is a prolific author of books (nine or so), magazine articles, and song writer (his Folk music songs have been performed by "big names" in the business, e.g. Pete Seeger). Notable for achieving the first post-graduate degree in Computer science in 1954.

Well known in the Computer community for his books "The Devil's DP Dictionary" and its second edition, The Computer Contradictionary. These are cynical lexacographies; the reader has been warned.

His articles for magazines including AI/Expert, UNIX Review, etc. have been stunning examples of word-play, criticism of silly marketing and usage (he refers often to the computer "laxicon") and commentary on the industry in general. His web site indicates that there will soon be a collection of these under the title "Son of Devil's Advocate". Until then, older archives of his column can be found at by following the "Son of Devil's Advocate" link.