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The Borg (likely an abbreviation of cyborg, definitely no Swedes;) in the Star Trek Universe are a race (or rather a group) of humanoids that are enhanced with cybernetic implants, giving them improved mental and physical abilities. The minds of all Borg are connected via implants to a hive, a collective mind, orchestrated by the Borg Queen. According to a Borg in one episode, they only seek to "improve the quality of life in the universe". To this end, they travel the galaxies, improving their numbers and advancing by assimilating other species and technologies, and forcing captured individuals under the control of the hive mind by injecting them with nanoprobes. They harbor no ill will to anyone, they merely fulfill their biological or programmatic imperative to assimilate. As they say, "Resistance is futile -- you will be assimilated."

The first contact of Starfleet with the Borg occurs by interference from Q with the mission of The Next Generation crew. Q transported the Enterprise into the Delta Quadrant just long enough to expose them to the Borg. The Enterprise was hopelessly overpowered, and Q brought them home after their confrontation. Q says something to the effect of "Now that they know about you, they will never stop until they find you."

They occur in that series several times, in the First Contact movie, and Voyager even gets a (rescued) Borg crew member, Seven of Nine.

Borg changes over time The Borg have changed significantly over the years. Initially, they were a mysterious group of marauders that snatched entire starship crews or took over planets, and rather crudely and frighteningly assimilated the people by surgically altering them for joining the collective. As time went on however, this was replaced with the more efficient method of injecting nanites into the individuals. The nanites would grow electrical input pathways to facilitate the later insertion of the Borg's notable brain uplink to the collective, holographic eye replacement and forearm control unit. This change continuity-wise could be explained that the nanites were a product of some race assimilated in the interim between movies.

At one point the Enterprise crew captured a single borg who, it seemed was detached from the collective with his whereabouts unknown. Seeing an opportunity to study their enemy, he is taken aboard the ship. Eventually, due to separation with the collective the Borg, known by the nickname "Hugh" to the crewmembers the Borg begins to develop an individual personality. Events lead to him eventually returning to the collective. He seemed to lose his individuality, but the introduction of his experiences into the collective had far reaching consequences. Some eventually broke away. they later joined with Lore, Data's prototype brother who helped them express their newfound emotions through hatred.

The purely collective nature of the Borg was later undermined in Star Trek: First Contact", which introduced the Borg Queen as the driving force behind the them. Continuity dictated no such person, as Borg always refer to themselves as "we", and Borg collective communications would have indicated the presence of a queen. The Queen refers to herself as "I", further complicating the matter.

Please add all Borg episodes, not counting the "normal" Seven of Nine episodes, probably


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