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Why are the pages for the various series under strange abbreviations and not under the right names: Star Trek VOY versus Star Trek Voyager. It would be easier to link to them under their right names. ---rmhermen

I agree that Star Trek/Voyager would be better. Also, what should be call the ships? I assume USS Enterprise-A (for example) not NCC-1701-A. Do we want U.S.S. or just USS?

-- General Wesc

I think we should give the full name and number once, like U.S.S. Enterprise (NCC-1701-A), then call them in a brief version, like Enterprise-A. -- Magnus Manske

I meant in the entry title. -- General Wesc

Okay, I've decided, until somebody disagrees, that entries for ships will be /USS Shipname (or /USS Shipname-A or whatever.) One thing I've learned, it's best to have a standard before we've got twenty-thousand entries all pointing to different places for the same ship. -- General Wesc

Is Star Trek space opera, or science fiction/soft science fiction? I'm tempted to class it as space opera, but sometimes it does get a little bit philosophical about pseudo-scientific issues.

IMHO we might say Trek is Haute Space Opera.  :-)


  • A few notes: one, why make this a subpage of Star Trek? What other kind of Trekkies have you heard of? two, it's not universally considered derogatory; in fact, some "trekkies" prefer to be called "trekkies," while other fans prefer "trekkers."

Ok, here's the deal. In the beginning all Star Trek fans were Trekkies. Then about the time when Star Trek started having conventions dedicated to it a new class of fan emerged. Instead of just enjoying the show these fans wanted to participate. For instance, these fans are likely to own Star Trek uniforms that they wear to conventions, club meetings and in extreme cases to work. They more likely than not consider Klingon a second language and own English to Klingon dictionaries. It is these super fans that decided Trekkie was demeaning and adopted the term trekker. The casual Star Trek fan doesn't mind being called a Trekkie.

TNG Star Trek/Star Trek TNG now needs some new data, as I just deleted the overly-biassed description.

How do we link episodes? I'm thinking of doing a list of the episodes with the Borg that I know of for the Borg page.

-- Peter Winnberg