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For property ownership title defects, is there ever any equivalent to a statue of limitations type of abandonment of ownership beyone which claims against the title cannot be made?

Yes, it is called the "doctrine of laches," which mainly stands for the proposition that if you wait too long to assert title and your delay results in another being harmed by your claim to title, then you may not be allowed to make your claim.

Prof. Schweizer of CSU Fresno has linked to this page from -- make sure it stays up to snuff! :-) --LMS

Is there a way to make this page less US-centric? Something like a statute of limitations exists in almost all legal systems. Also, one could talk about the history of the term (wasn't there once an English act called the Statute of Limitations, from which this term originates?) -- SJK

Is there an information source from which one can research to discover what the "statute of limitation" or "limitation of action" is in a particular state for a given situation? JVP

Can anyone volunteer a legal opinion on how a statute of limitations works in the case of government regulations. If an agency has a regulation in effect, and if the law creating the agency provides that each day of continuous violation of an agency regulation constitutes a separate offense, can a statute of limitation ever cut off the ability of an agency to enforce its regulation against a continuously existing violation?