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Another one who has caught the Wikipedia bug.

Welcome! -- Larry Sanger

Thanks! Happy to be here. It's strangely addictive, you know... -- STG

<grin> That wasn't me who corrected you re: Capital/Capitol. Larry Sanger did. I just corrected an additional misspelling. Rob Salzman

I have a theory, which I offer with no particular authority. I theorize that pages with a handful of incompleted links are more productive in the long run, as compared to short articles that seem complete.

I notice that many of your Canadian articles are short but complete and self-contained. Maybe it would be better to leave a few teasers in there? Like in a page for a particular city, you might leave teasers like:


The idea behind this is to tease the next person along into contributing.

This is only a pet theory of mine, so by all means proceed as you wish.  :-)

I'm inclined to agree. I think I'll do that from now on. Hopefully, though, people won't take "it's the captial of Ontario" to be the last word on Toronto. :) -- STG

Re spelling correction: we've got <>, (), {}, etc.; all these "embracing" operators; perhaps you've "extended" the set with another pair -- Bruce Parens -- to counteract MS's "embrace" and "extend" .... (SORRY)

Nothing major on the conflict front, I'll reallign it tomorrow. The biographies page is a really nice category. sjc

Hi Stephen, nice to see a familiar face, so to speak. Creating stub entries and lists-o-links (at least in some places) is very valid. Were it not for your nice list of PMs, I would have just passed on by. Instead, it got my interest going and I intend on doing some serious work therein a week's time when my schedule opens up again.

Best wishes with your other projects and thanks for the excellent wikification of the Sir Macdonald article -- enough links there to keep a person occupied for far too long! :) --Colin dellow

Thanks for your work on the Colleges and universities lists! --Claudine

Thanks for finally merging the two U.S.A. articles! --LMS

why would you want to study something worthless like computer science after getting a degree in communication?

Because I want to learn how to be a '1337 hAx0r, of course... -- STG

Thanks so much Stephen -- it's nice to be here, and to know that someone else has enjoyed the discussion from Hades!! J Hofmann Kemp

Thanks again for the advice as well! I think I'm starting to figure out some of the personalities... :-)JHK

Perhaps evangelism is rather strict. Angel-ism yes. I am guilty of a faith-based attempt in a loose but rigid encyclopediac format of NPOV to introduce a new way of thinking(my definition of paradigm shift).

Yeah, they got me too. oh, well fixed it. thanks anyway. -- WojPob

Actually, if you don't mind I think I'm going to take "Nostratic" back out of the delete bin. While I'm far from an expert on the subject, it's my understanding that the term refers to a very large hypothesis from very little evidence -- an ancestor language for both the Indo-European languages and, errr, some other group of languages. Discounted borderline pseudo-science, I believe, but an influential one in the history of linguistics and thus worthy of an entry. Nostratic language is probably the correct entry, but Nostratic should probably point there.

I'm actually kind of interested in it -- Germanic megatheories are a pet subject -- so I'll see what I can dig up and plop into place in the next day or two. --Paul Drye

yes, indeed. No one much believes in it any more, but it's historically as important as Phrenology, say. MMmmmmmm, megatheories. --MichaelTinkler

Hey Steve, stopped in to see if you were still here, and behold! you are. *Grin* Things are going well here... we should talk on the phone soon. That and we'd love to see pics of IMG. I'm sure that he's grown. --Jonathan Dixon

Well, if it isn't Jon Dixon, the one article wonder! You know, you could always try email. :) --STG

Hope that gnostic translation didn't worry you. Sometimes a book is just a book, and the faith we place in the contents is laudable, and when the truth opens our eyes, all that happens is we need to update our faith, not worry about "how could i have believed so strongly in something that showed only part of the truth ?"

Historical Wikipedia Pages is a brilliant compromise. --TheCunctator

I like to think that my, err, strident opinion encouraged Dave to produce fine work like the adhesive article. I feel too much time is wasted on necessary corrections to poor stuff like the whole Helga Jonat thing. A large part of copy-editing -- and this is part of my job in the real word -- is knowing when the big red pen has to come out. Even nothing left at all is a rescue over some things. -- Paul Drye

Duh -- thanks for the Horse Breeds fix! JHK

From J Hofmann Kemp/Talk: "A number of the Wikipedians who seem to think they are perfect come across as arrogant dorks."

You wrote: "Hmmm, I wonder if the above was directed at me? :)"

No. I wrote that and I don't think you come across as arrogant or a dork. :-)
(Come to think of it, isn't "arrogant Canadian" an oxymoron? :-) )

You should listen to the current leader of my country speak sometime. It would disprove your oxymoron. :) --STG

Stephen Gilbert, do you originally come from Edmonton, Alberta? -- Alex Kennedy

Afraid not; I was born and raised in Nova Scotia. Why do you ask? --STG

What happened to your "priority" on New Age ? ~BF

Ok, sorry,Taw seem to think it's alright...

Taw simply doesn't have time to play with Little guru and was going to clean his page later. --Taw

Thank you for the welcome! There is so much work to do here! I'm excited and frightened! -- Cayzle

Bold First Use Of Term, I think -- Paul Drye