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Some of the exchanges listed here are not stock exchanges. The CBOT, for example, is a futures exchange. Rather than split the list among several pages, I'd suggest just renaming the page. Trading exchanges or something like that.--AMT

Would commodity exchanges be a better general name? I have already created Stock Market to redirect here since it is a more commonly used be less correct name. --- Jagged

How about Financial markets? -- "Financial markets" ordinarily refers to markets in specifically financial instruments, like treasury bonds. Commodity exchanges only deal in commodities--steel, corn, or whatever. Two problems: I don't know of a term for all kinds of trading, except "trading"; and the exchange is actually different from the market--the exchange is a specific organization to facilitate trading, the market is the overall effect of all the trades. Bottom line--I don't know what title would work.

Maybe call it "____ Trading" or "____ Markets" and add a paragraph at the top on markets or trading in general? Anyone searching on the phrase "stock exchange" would get here anyway.--AMT