Sun mythology

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Egyptians worshipped the sun-god Ra and for a short time another sun-god Akhen.

Ancient Greeks praised the sun-gods Apollo and Helios.

Ancient Romans praised the sun-gods Apollo and Sol.

Persians and Indians adopted the worship of the Persian sun-god Mithras.

Each year ca. ten thousand people gather to worship the sun on June 21 at Stonehenge. The site is aligned such that at dawn on the summer solstice the sun's rays line up to the central avenue.

In Chinese mythology (cosmology), there were nine suns in the sky in the beginning. The world was so hot that nothing grew. A hero called Hou Yi (后毅) shot down eight of them with bow and arrows. The world became better ever since. (I know it is far-fetched. But again, this is mythology, anything goes.)

In Celtic mythology the sun god was called Lugh.