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Sweeteners refer to the substances added to foods or beverages in place of sugar. They are also called sugar substitutes.

Due to health reasons, some people have to control their caloric intake by substituting sugar with other sweetener with little or no calories. Popular sugar substitutes include saccharin (e.g. Sweet'n low), aspartame (e.g. Equal, Nutrasweet). People using sweetener instead of sugar take the risk of replacing one health problem with a different one because saccharin is proven to be a carcinogen to lab animals while aspartame is an alleged neurotoxin.


  1. acesulfame potassium
  2. aspartame
  3. cyclamate (calcium cyclamate, sodium cyclamate)
  4. glucitol
  5. saccarine, saccarin, saccharine
  6. sorbitol
  7. sucralose