Swing Dance

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While Ballroom Dance includes Ballroom Swing Dancing, Street swing and Ballroom Swing are very different. Ballroom Swing is not danced in competition and is done striclty in patterns (a series of interlocking moves). While Street Swing is danced in many different styles and places with thousands of differences between the different ones. It is very open for interpretation. It has very simple stricture and footwork along with basic moves and styling.

Swing, generally, is danced to "swing" music. Some of the swing greats have been Count Basie, Woody Herman, Ella Fitzgerald, and many, many others.

Popular swing dances include:

Lindy Hop -- Charleston -- East Coast Swing (aka: Triple step 6 count swing or single step Rockabilly swing)-- Balboa -- Collegiate Shag -- Carolina Shag -- Boogie Woogie-- and others.

Country Swing is yet another division of swing with a largely distinct culture. WestCoast Swing is danced in the same environment as Country Swing and more widely know among the country swing dancers.

Swing is a partner dance. The couple dancing consists of a lead and follow. As with all swing dancing the lead and follow must have a connection.