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Sycorax is a witch in William Shakespeare's play The Tempest. She is the mother of Caliban and imprisoned the fairy Ariel for disobedience.

Sycorax is a moon of Uranus. Its orbital radius is approximately 12.2 million km from Uranus and is about 160 km in diameter, but this size estimate is based on the moon's apparent brightness and the assumption that it has an albedo of about 0.07. Its orbit is retrograde and highly inclined. Sycorax's composition is is probably a mixture of rock and ice, and its unusually red color suggests a historical link with the Kuiper Belt; Sycorax is probably a captured Kuiper Belt object.

Sycorax was discovered on September 6 - September 7 by Brett Gladman, Phil Nicholson, Joseph Burns, and JJ Kavelaars using the 200 inch Hale telescope; they also discovered the moon Caliban at the same time.