Taliban treatment of women

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The Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996 until the end of 2001, when they were overthrown by a coalition of tribes including the Afghanistan Northern Alliance led by the United States. The US justified this action as part of their "war on terror" in response to the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 by claiming that the Taliban supported or protected Osama bin Laden, who was credited with being behind the WTC attack.

During their rule, the Taliban became well-known for extensive human rights abuses towards both men and women. This article explores the abuses of women in particular. The Taliban government issues numerous decrees requiring women to stay at home, forbidding women to work in any public place, and forbidding the education of women. These decrees were at times unevenly enforced.

The purpose of this page is to collect and sort through conflicting reports to arrive at a well-rounded view of the Taliban treatment of women.

(topics to be fleshed out?)

  • Education for Women and Girls
  • Employment for Women
  • Dress codes for Women

Each section should attempt to accurately characterize (a) what the Taliban decreed (b) what the Taliban actually enforced, and to what extent they softened over time, looked the other way, or simply were unable to enforce due to a lack of resources (c) what the penalties were for violations, (d) other stuff like that.