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A minor query: `Lifetime Piling up'? I have the soundtrack album to Until the End of the World, and the Talking Heads track is listed there as `Sax and Violins'....

Whoops, you're right. "Lifetime Piling Up" was the single released to coincide with their one- and two-disc Greatest Hits at about the same time. I've fixed this now. -- PaulDrye

Shouldn't there be a mention of the film/album true Stories here? It may have been mostly a Byrne project, but there was a band album out of it

Should probably also mention that "talking head" is slang for vapid television personalities.

Not unless we're going to have an encyclopedia article called "talking heads" with the title understood in that sense. I would think television pundit would be more appropriate. If you want further argument, see this column. But it might be good to mention the more "literal" meaning of "talking head" as an explanation of the name of the band. --LMS