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I don't think telecommunication necessarily involves knowing how much information is going to be lost in transmission. Information theory is intrinsically interesting, and it's certainly relevant to the design of present-day communications systems. But some of the systems were there long before the theory.--AMT

I agree -certainly telegraph and crank telephones had little error checking capability. I don't know enough to do a rewrite though. -rmhermen

This article says that: "From the demand of telecom circuitry, a whole specialist area of integrated circuit design has emerged, called digital signal processing." But I don't quite agree with this definition of DSP or wording of this sentence. At least to my experience DSP is not just circuit design (=I work with DSP and know nothing about circuits), but a much larger entity. I feel like half of information technology is DSP. However, I didn't quite come up with a better wording. --tbackstr