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Re. television stations and networks. Much of what's listed on the Stations page are production companies and syndicators. A network (US) is an entity that provides programs to individual television stations, which, in the US, are only licensed to broadcast in their specific locales. Each network can a specific number--used to be 8--of "O & O's", stations it owns and operates, usually in the big markets.

Satellite and cable have created changes. Broadcast stations in an area can sign up to be carried on cable, but content providers like the Learning Channel can too. They aren't licensed to run broadcast equipment like a station and they don't provide content to licensed broadcasters either. AMT

That's interesting info. Why not add it to the main page?

This is a page that's well overdue for a major shake up. We probably need a new topic: Television programmes a-z. We probably need a Television personalities topic as well. And a Television programme categories topic for e.g. TV cookery, TV gardening etc. sjc

I think you're correct on all points. KQ

I'd like to see some date on the historical TV show. e.g. 1967-1971 etc.

Wallace and Grommit are essentially television. They had their big break in TV. Until the film, they were quite content with a quiet life in the UK appearing on Bank Holidays. They will always be a staple of wet Bank Holiday Mondays in my mind. Of course, Hollywood may go to their heads... sjc

Article says:

Color television became available in 1953, backed by the CBS network. The government approved the color broadcast system proposed by CBS, but when RCA came up with a system that did not require changes to the old black and white TV sets, CBS dropped their own proposal and used the new one.

Those two sentences are US-centric, to a greater or lesser degree. Was the CBS network the first in the world, or just the U.S.? Also, I presume by the RCA system you mean NTSC? -- SJK

someone could try looking on this page. Sorry I don't have time right now.   --rmhermen