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State of the United States, Tennessee

Partially Filled Template for U.S. States:

  • Geography
    • The State of Tennessee is traditionally divided by its people into three grand divisions - East, Middle, and West Tennessee.
    • National parks, etc.
    • Cities:
  • Nashville, the state capital, Home of the [Grand Ole Opry], long an important commercial center for American music.
  • Memphis
  • Knoxville
  • Chattanooga, site of major Civil War battles.
    • List of counties (if someone wants to go to the trouble) (the list itself makes for a good subpage)
  • Demography
    • state population
    • racial/ethnic makeup of state
    • religious makeup of state
  • Economy
    • State income
    • Major industries/products
    • state taxes
  • Law/Government of state [Note that all the U.S. states have similar legal and political systems, so maybe we only need to mention anything that makes the state distinct]
    • governor -- current, previous governors
    • legislature -- bicameral or unicameral? names of houses?
    • structure of state judicary
    • information on state constitution
    • does it have referenda?
  • History
    • history prior to joining the United States
    • when first came under U.S. control (if it was a territory prior to being a state)
    • Tennessee was admitted to the Union in 1796 as the 16th state, and was created by taking the north and south borders of North Carolina and extending them with only one small deviation to the Mississippi River, Tennessee's western boundary. Tennessee seceded from the Union in June of 1861. After the Civil War Tennesse ratified the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution on July 18, 1866, and was readmitted to the Union July 24.
    • major historical events that occured in state
  • Colleges and Universities

If any section above becomes too detailed, it should be split off into a separate article.

  • other

The Tennessee Valley Authority is based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

[Oak Ridge National Laboratory], a US Department of Energy national laboratory, one of the principle sites for the Manhattan Project's production and isolation of weapons-grade fissionable material, is also located in the state.