Terry Pratchett

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Terry Pratchett, English author (Born April 28 1948 Beaconsfield, Bucks), best known for his Discworld series.

Now containing 20-some books, the Discworld series is a humourous fantasy work that parodies everything under the sun where the disc-shaped world rotates on the backs of four giant elephants supported by the enormous turtle Great A'tuin swimming its way through space. Major topics of parody have included many Science fiction and fantasy characters, ideas and tropes, Ingmar Bergman films, Australia, movie making, newspaper publishing, rock and roll music, religion, philosophy (mainly Greek), Egyptian history, trade unions, monarchy, and on and on. Recurring characters include Rincewind the incompetent wizard, Death, his granddaughter Susan Sto Helit, and Death's apprentice Mort, Granny Weatherwax the Witch, Cohen the barbarian, the Librarian of Unseen University, Carrot, a dwarf by adoption and devoted member of the City Guard, and the Luggage.

The covers of all his diskworlds novels sold in the UK until 2001 were created by Josh Kirby.

Other non-discworld books by Pratchett:

  • Strata (though this does feature a disc shaped world, the novel is more a parody of Larry Niven's Ringworld)
  • Dark Side of the Sun
  • A trilogy of childrens books:
    • Diggers
    • Truckers
    • Wings
  • Good Omens (co-written with Neil Gaiman)
  • The Unexpurgated Cat (a homage to real cats)
  • Johnny and the Dead
  • Only you can save the world

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