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Mort was the hero in the Discworld novel of the same name.

It is believed that Death chose Mort partly because Death himself had the nickname Mort (he is called this by the other members of the 4 horsemen), Mort being the French word for death, and the origin of several English words (e.g. mortal, post mortem).

The pressure of the job forces Mort to make a few mistakes, but like all good heros, he grows some spine, gains some self control, challenges death to a duel and waltzes away with the girl...

He marries Death's adopted daughter Ysabell and they live relatively happily ever after as the duke and duchess of Sto Helit.

Pity "happily ever after" is only about another 15 years...

They are however survived by a daughter, Susan Sto-Helit who should really be named Susan Death. But that's another book... Soul Music to be precise.