The Buzzcocks

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The Buzzcocks formed in Manchester, England in 1976.

The Buzzcocks were one of the key bands that formed the first wave of punk rock in the mid to late 1970s.

Original members: Howard Devoto, Pete Shelley, Steve Diggle, John Maher.

Their first release was a very well received E.P. called Spiral Scratch (featuring the classic "Boredom"). Containing 4 songs and only one guitar solo (consisting of two notes repeated) this is the record that is widely credited with starting the independent label movement.

With expectations from the E.P. on a high, singer Devoto surprised everyone by leaving the band. (He went on to form Magazine, best remembered for the single "Shot by Both Sides.") Pete Shelley took over lead vocals, and the Buzzcocks went on to record a long string of songs which combined catchy pop sensibility with great musicianship (by the first album, they had learned to play their instruments) and punk credibility.

They broke up after their third album.

They reformed in the 1990s are still releasing new albums, without managing to recapture the magic of their earlier work.

Shelley and Devoto recently teamed up again and are producing new material under the working name "Buzzkunst". (Kunst = german for "Art". Their comment: "After all those years of cocks, we thought kunst would make a change".)

Notable songs:

"What Do I Get?"
"Orgasm Addict"
"Ever Fallen in Love?"


"Spiral Scratch" (E.P.)
"Another Music in a Different Kitchen"
"Love Bites"
"Singles Going Steady" (singles collection)
"A Different Kind of Tension"
"Trade Test Transmissions"
"All Set"

+ numerous live albums and compilations