The Damned

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The Damned are a punk band from the United Kingdom.

The Damned played their first gig on July 6, 1976, supporting The Sex Pistols at the 100 Club in London. They were the first of the London punk bands to get a record deal and release a single, "New Rose".

Original Lineup
"Dave Vanian" (David Letts) - vocals
Brian James - guitar
"Captain Sensible" (Ray Burns) - bass (although for most of his career with The Damned he played guitar and did vocals)
"Rat Scabies" (Chris Millar) - drums

Discography Highlights

New Rose / Help (single, 1976)
Neat, neat, neat / Stab Your Back (single, 1977)
Machine Gun Etiquette (album, 1979)
Smash it Up / Burglar Song (single 1979)
Just Can't Be Happy Today / Ballroom Blitz / The Turkey Song (EP 1979)

See [1] for an exhaustive history of the band and the early punk scene.