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The removed link to "the true levellers" was:

I put this here, because old versions disappear, and this has the text of the group's writings. (?are they public domain since from 1600s ?)

They are definitely PD in the UK. sjc

Would it be worth-while to copy them here? Also since they called themselves 'the true levellers', why do we have listed under a 'common' name ?

1. Possibly but I'd run it by Larry first. Their stuff is fairly off the wall even for a 16th century mystico-religious outfit. sjc

2. You're right in this respect, but they are not usually known as the True Levellers, even amongst Civil War historians, but as Diggers. Which is why (sigh) they live under the heading of Diggers.... sjc

Um..since you deleted the provenance of their name which the 60's Diggers asserted, what is the real provenance? If you don't add one, I'm going to put back in the provenance that the name came from their constant digging of graves for fellow members. -- TheCunctator

They were called the Diggers because they advocated an agrarian return to the land. It was an insult which stuck. sjc

Did they adopt that name, or just history? You can just put the answer in the entry, if you'd like. -- TheCunctator

I don't really know but I'll try and find out: they probably came to their rather sticky end before they ahd a chance to... sjc