The Fugitive

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American network television dramatic series (ABC,1963-1967) starring David Janssen as Dr. Richard Kimble, an innocent man falsely convicted for his wife's murder and sentenced to death, who escapes custody in a train wreck and begins a cross-country search for the one-armed man he believes to be the real killer (Fred Johnson, played by Bill Raisch), while pursued by a relentless police detective (Lt. Philip Gerard, played by Barry Morse).

The original series was later the basis for a feature film (1993) and a new TV series (CBS, 2000-2001) of the same name.

The series was conceived by Roy Huggins and produced by Quinn Martin. It aired for four seasons, with 30 episodes per season, for a total of 120 episodes. The first three seasons were filmed in black and white, while the final season was in color.

The final episode in which Dr. Kimble finally confronted the one-armed man is among the higest-rated series television programs of all time.

In a 1993 ranking, TV GUIDE named it the best dramatic series of the 1960s.

A total of 42 episodes have been released on home video (VHS) by NuVentures Video. Of these, 12 episodes were also released on laserdisc.