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Troy McClure (voiced by Phil Hartman) is the prototypical Hollywood has-been; ubiquitous presenter of educational videos, voiceovers, and advertorials. At one stage Troy McClure had a minorly-successful acting career. When introducing the latest product he is paid to add his clean-cut good looks and smooth voice to, he always reminds us of his previous career with his standard introduction "Hi, I'm Troy McClure. You might remember me from such {films, educational videos, voiceovers} as," and then going on to list the kind of (often amusingly-titled) B-grade stuff that pays the bills but is hardly Oscar-winning material. He has narrated propaganda for everyone from the beef industry, to health farms, to the Springfield nuclear plant.

Troy's career reportedly went downhill due to his unusual personal proclivities, which apparently involved fish. To cover this up, a marriage was arranged between himself and Marge's sister Selma, which revived his career to star in a bizarre musical version of Planet Of The Apes (the episode was made well before the 2001 remake of the movie). However, Selma could not accept the sham marriage and Troy is presumably spending time with his aquatic friends again.

In common with a number of other Simpsons characters, McClure was written out following Hartman's death.