The Six Million Dollar Man

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The Six Million Dollar Man is a TV show about a cyborg working for a US secret service called OSI. The show is based on the book Cyborg from Martin Caidin, and first aired in 1973.

The background story of the show is the plane crash of astronaut Steve Austin, in which he is severly injured. In a title-giving operation that costs six million dollars, his right arm, both legs and the left eye are replaced by bionic (cybernetic) implats that enhance his strength, speed and senses far above human norm. He now uses his abilities to work for the OSI (Office of Scientific Intelligence) as a secret agent (and as a guinea pig).

Main characters

  • Steve Austin, the title-giving character (played by Lee Majors)
  • Oscar Goldman, the president of the OSI (played by Richard Anderson)
  • Dr. Rudy Wells, Austin's physician (played by ???)
  • "Jaime Sommers", the bionic woman, played by Lindsay Wagner

Spare parts

  • A 20.1:1 zoom lens in the left eye.
  • Bionic legs allow him to run at more than 67 mph.

There were two spinoff shows later, the seven million dollar woman and a show about a bionic dog which I never saw, so I don't remember the title...

Episode list

Episode #Prod #Original
Air Date
Episode Title
TV Movie
M-107-Mar-73The Six Million Dollar Man (a/k/a The Moon and the Desert)
M-220-Oct-73Wine, Women and War
M-317-Nov-73The Solid Gold Kidnapping
Season 1
1. 1-14001318-Jan-74Population: Zero
2. 1-24000725-Jan-74Survival of the Fittest
3. 1-34001601-Feb-74Operation Firefly
4. 1-44001208-Feb-74Day of the Robot
5. 1-54001422-Feb-74Little Orphan Airplane
6. 1-64000501-Mar-74Doomsday, and Counting
7. 1-74002308-Mar-74Eyewitness to Murder
8. 1-84002415-Mar-74The Rescue of Athena One
9. 1-94002129-Mar-74Dr. Wells is Missing
10. 1-104002205-Apr-74The Last of the Fourth of Julys
11. 1-114002012-Apr-74Burning Bright
12. 1-124001519-Apr-74The Coward
13. 1-134002526-Apr-74Run, Steve, Run
Season 2
14. 2-14120113-Sep-74Nuclear Alert
15. 2-24120420-Sep-74The Pioneers
16. 2-34120627-Sep-74Pilot Error
17. 2-44120804-Oct-74The Pal-Mir Escort
18. 2-54122401-Nov-74The Seven Million Dollar Man
19. 2-64121408-Nov-74Straight on 'til Morning
20. 2-74122015-Nov-74The Midas Touch
21. 2-84122322-Nov-74The Deadly Replay
22. 2-94121329-Nov-74Act of Piracy
23. 2-104122713-Dec-74Stranger in Broken Fork
24. 2-114122820-Dec-74The Peeping Blonde
25. 2-124121010-Jan-75The Cross-Country Kidnap
26. 2-134123317-Jan-75Lost Love
27. 2-144121619-Jan-75The Last Kamikaze
28. 2-154120726-Jan-75Return of the Robot Maker
29. 2-164121202-Feb-75Taneha
30. 2-174123023-Feb-75Look Alike
31. 2-184122602-Mar-75The E.S.P. Spy
32. 2-194124416-Mar-75The Bionic Woman (1)
33. 2-204124523-Mar-75The Bionic Woman (2)
34. 2-214123120-Apr-75Outrage in Balinderry
35. 2-224122927-Apr-75Steve Austin, Fugitive
Season 3
36. 3-14302014-Sep-75The Return of the Bionic Woman (1)
37. 3-24302921-Sep-75The Return of the Bionic Woman (2)
38. 3-34301828-Sep-75The Price of Liberty
39. 3-44302405-Oct-75The Song and Dance Spy
40. 3-54301012-Oct-75The Wolf Boy
41. 3-64301719-Oct-75The Deadly Test
42. 3-74300326-Oct-75Target in the Sky
43. 3-84300102-Nov-75One of Our Running Backs is Missing
44. 3-94301209-Nov-75The Bionic Criminal
45. 3-104300616-Nov-75The Blue Flash
46. 3-114302123-Nov-75The White Lightning War
47. 3-124301930-Nov-75Divided Loyalty
48. 3-134302614-Dec-75Clark Templeton O'Flaherty
49. 3-144302221-Dec-75The Winning Smile
50. 3-1511-Jan-76Welcome Home, Jaime (1)
51. 3-164303318-Jan-76Hocus-Pocus
52. 3-174302701-Feb-76The Secret of Bigfoot (1)
53. 3-184302804-Feb-76The Secret of Bigfoot (2)
54. 3-194300708-Feb-76The Golden Pharaoh
55. 3-204300815-Feb-76Love Song for Tanya
56. 3-214303222-Feb-76The Bionic Badge
57. 3-224303107-Mar-76Big Brother
Season 4
58. 4-14512419-Sep-76The Return of Bigfoot (1)
59. 4-24510826-Sep-76Nightmare in the Sky
60. 4-34512103-Oct-76Double Trouble
61. 4-44510517-Oct-76The Most Dangerous Enemy
62. 4-54510224-Oct-76H+2+O = Death
63. 4-64512031-Oct-76Kill Oscar (2)
64. 4-74519607-Nov-76The Bionic Boy
65. 4-84511421-Nov-76Vulture of the Andes
66. 4-94519428-Nov-76The Thunderbird Conection
67. 4-104512612-Dec-76A Bionic Christmas Carol
68. 4-114511519-Dec-76Task Force
69. 4-124512502-Jan-77The Ultimate Imposter
70. 4-134512209-Jan-77Death Probe (1)
71. 4-144512316-Jan-77Death Probe (2)
72. 4-154510623-Jan-77Danny's Inferno
73. 4-164510730-Jan-77Fires of Hell
74. 4-174511306-Feb-77The Infiltrators
75. 4-184510113-Feb-77Carnival of Spies
76. 4-194510920-Feb-77U-509
77. 4-204511027-Feb-77The Privacy of the Mind
78. 4-214511606-Mar-77To Catch the Eagle
79. 4-224512815-May-77The Ghostly Teletype
Season 5
80. 5-14730611-Sep-77Sharks (1)
81. 5-24730718-Sep-77Sharks (2)
82. 5-34732225-Sep-77Deadly Countdown (1)
83. 5-44732302-Oct-77Deadly Countdown (2)
84. 5-54731109-Oct-77Bigfoot V
85. 5-64732616-Oct-77Killer Wind
86. 5-74731530-Oct-77Rollback
87. 5-84730306-Nov-77Dark Side of the Moon (1)
88. 5-94730413-Nov-77Dark Side of the Moon (2)
89. 5-104730927-Nov-77Target: Steve Austin
90. 5-114731318-Dec-77The Cheshire Project
91. 5-124731901-Jan-78Walk a Deadly Wing
92. 5-134731408-Jan-78Just a Matter of Time
93. 5-144730122-Jan-78Return of the Deathprobe (1)
94. 5-154730229-Jan-78Return of the Deathprobe (2)
95. 5-164739730-Jan-78The Lost Island
96. 5-174732806-Feb-78The Madonna Caper
97. 5-184733413-Feb-78Dead Ringer
98. 5-194731720-Feb-78Date With Danger (1)
99. 5-204732027-Feb-78Date With Danger (2)
100. 5-214733206-Mar-78The Moving Mountain
TV Movie
M-417-May-87The Return of the Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman
M-530-Apr-89Bionic Showdown
M-629-Nov-94Bionic Ever After?