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Was it really an Arnie vehicle from the outset?

He has hardly any dialogue, and is only in the action sequences, with Hamilton and Biehn on screen far more, and doing most of the acting. Sure, its since been repackaged as a star vehicle, but prior to that he'd only been in the Conan movies and various projects related to his status as a bodybuilding champ.

I think a better description is it was the film that *made* him a star, since a monosyllabic killing machine is a role he was born to play...GWO

You're probably right in this respect. I'll amend accordingly. sjc

The middle sentence of the entry originally read: "The pretext of the movie is that a cybernetic construct, the eponymous Terminator (played by Schwarzenegger), has been ported back in time from a future where the world is ruled by computers, (who are bent on eliminating the last traces of mankind), to eliminate the mother of a child that the computers perceive may be a threat to their superiority." That sentence seemed a bit too long to me.

-- I have that tendency sometimes, mea culpa sjc.

Also, why is the Terminator "eponymous"? What people, place, or institution was eventually named after it? --KQ

-- er, eponymous doesn't necessarily have to have something named after it in English usage, it is only American dictionary definitions which seem to be quite so strict. It can simply be used for referentiality in English. But then English is a very inflexible language and quite unlike American :-). sjc

"highly intelligent and articulate"

While this is important information, it is also a description that I think plenty of people would disagree with (I'm not one of them). How could we rephrase this? I don't know, which is why I left the text alone. But I do think it needs to be changed. --LMS

try this for size sjc