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Theophanu Skleros was born in 956 in Constantinople, Byzantium. She died 991. Her father is named as Constantin Skleros. Other names are also known. She was a relative of the emperor of Byzantium. In 972 Theophanu married Otto II of Saxony, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire

Their children were; Sophia of Gandersheim, Abbess born 978 Adelaide of Quedlinburg, Abbess born 977 Matilda of Saxony , Princess born 978 and Otto III of Saxony, emperor of the Holy Roman Empire, born 980

When Otto II died in 983 , Theophanu reigned as Empress on behalf of her son Otto III. She died in 991 and is buried in Cologne. Otto III was still a child and the grandmother Adelaide of Italy took over the reign until Otto III became old enough to reign on his own.