Theresa Knott

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<table border=1 bgcolor = "#DEB887"

Hi um what can I tell you about myself? I'm female { suppose that you can guess that from my name already} I have a degree in physics, and I'm soon to start training as a teacher. I think that wikipedia has the potential to become the greatest source of information known to man, and intend to write loads of articles for it.


If you would like to leave a message for me here, please do so.

WELCOME, BUT WHY ARE YOU SHOUTING? And why the ugly purple background? --LDC

It's showing up black for me. I didn't know it had text in it until I clicked "edit" to offer a welcome. Welcome to Wikipedia! --KQ

I wasn't shouting. Perhaps it just looks allcaps to you because its a table? What browser are you using? The background looked a subtle blue/grey to me, I've changed it now, any better? I was just mucking about anyway, I don't know much html and wanted to see if I could do something different.


Well, it's showing up a light brown now and I can read the text, so I'd say it's better. I think what LDC was referring to in re: shouting was your login name: it's in all caps.  :-)

Oh yeah. I must 'ave 'ad me caps lock on. I've fixed it now