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Vhung wrote what looks like a brand new Thermodynamics article. Why? Why not try to adapt the old one, or, if the old one is irremediably bad, why not move it to a /Talk page? Basically, we don't want to have to vote about which version is the best. That's not the wiki way... --LMS 0th-law:

  • It is possible to build a thermometer.
  • That is: If objects A and B are \

in thermal equilibrium with each other, \ and objects B and C are in thermal \ equilibrium with each other, then objects \ A and C are also in thermal equilibrium \ with each other.

  • Two objects are in thermal equilibrium \

with each other, if their macroscopic \ properties, such as electrical resistance \ or volume, do not change with time when \ these objects are brought into thermal \ contact with each other.

Excised old version


  • Convervation of Energy


  • Degradation of Energy (irreversibilities)
  • "Nothing goes without loss"
  • concept of Entropy (s)
  • T.ds = du + p.dv
  • T.ds = dh - v.dp

In lay terms,

  • You can't win.
  • You can't even break even.
  • And you can't get out of the game.


Would it be unfair of me to suggest that this page requires some serious refactoring?  :-) --LMS

Refactoring thermodynamics is best attempted by madmen or fools, or by foolish madmen such as Clifford Truesdell.

There should be a reference to the relationship between Thermodinamics and Statistical Mechanics