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Thor is the red-bearded god of thunder in Norse Mythology, and the son of Odin. Whilst Odin is the god of the powerful and aristocratic, Thor is much more the god of the common man, often siding with mortals against other gods.

Thor features strongly in the Eddas of Snorri Sturluson, where Thor's many conflicts with the race of giants are a main source of plots.

His wife was called Sif, and little is known of her except that she had golden hair, which was made for her by the dwarfs after the evil god Loki had pulled out her own hair. Thor, a red-haired son of Odin and Friggr, travelled in a chariot drawn by goats. He was famous as the owner of a short-handled hammer, Mjollnir, which, when thrown at a target, returned to the owner like a boomerang. To wield this formidable weapon, even a deity like Thor needed special iron gloves and a belt that doubled the wearer's strength. The strike of the hammer caused thunderclaps, and indeed, the name of this deity has produced the word for thunder in most Germanic languages. With the hammer, Thor indulged in his favourite sport of killing giants. Most of the surviving myths centre on Thor's exploits, and from this and inscriptions on monuments we know that Thor was very much the favourite deity of ancient Scandinavians.

Other spellings

  • Common Swedish form: Tor

  • Old Icelandic: Thorr

A comic book superhero from Marvel Comics (loosely) based on the thunder-god figure from Norse Mythology