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Thunderbirds is a late 1960s to early 1970s Sylvia and Gerry Anderson television show which used "Super-Marionation" (marionettes), showing the adventures of the Tracys, a family consisting of ex-astronaut Jeff Tracy, his 5 sons and one daughter, who live on a Pacific island and are secretly the members of International Rescue, a mechanized do-gooder organization which covers the globe rescuing people with their fantastic machines, the Thunderbirds.

The Thunderbird machines are:

  • Thunderbird 1: a high-speed rocket plane
  • Thunderbird 2: a heavy carrier aircraft
  • Thunderbird 3: a spaceship
  • Thunderbird 4: a submarine
  • Thunderbird 5: an Earth-orbiting space station
  • The Mole: a high-speed manned tunneling machine

Notable for its (for the time) superlative special effects using miniatures.

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