Tim Chambers

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Status as of 26 November 2001

I'm on hiatus while I grind out a product release at work.


Not a topic in the encyclopedia; merely a Wikipedian.

God's love changed me.

Welcome to my home on the Wiki Wiki Web, which I advertise widely. If you don't know what a WikiWiki is, [[[WikiWiki|Click Here]]]. If you don't know what a Wikipedia is, visit the home page.

Discussion about Wikipedia has moved to the metapedia. So visit my user page for more (including /Talk)...

My "home" page for all wikis used to be at wikiweb.com; however, the company owner shut off free service on June 30, 2001. What providence! It forced me to seek alternatives, and I'm now in intellectual nirvana having stumbled across this amazing Wikipedia project. This is now my home wiki. I started a wiki about Anglicanism at wikiweb.com. It's archived at http://www.divide.net/tbc/wiki/Anglicanism/. I will be moving content to the Wikipedia under the Anglican Church page as I have time.

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