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Some of these articles I have contributed to in a material way. Others merely interest me; I care about their quality; or, I am actually trying to learn something that they talk about. In any case, it's a good catalog of exhibits justifying why I keep coming back to this amazing Web site.

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(in order of last activity, more or less)

NEW as of 10/23/01, updated 11/5/01 I have been experimenting with the Mind-It service this month. It didn't seem to follow changes very well. It has a diff feature, but it didn't seem to be in sync with Recent Changes. So I simply wrote an Emacs function to track pages of interest for myself. It takes the text of Recent Changes (just cut and paste it into an emacs buffer) and a list of pages of interest (which I get by cutting and pasting the above list). The output is a local file that I can visit with my browser that contains only recent changes of pages that interest me. Write to me if you want the emacs utilities that I have written for this purpose.

See also: my /Bookmarks, /Todo