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A broad-leafed vine, indigenous to North America, whose dried and cured leaves are often smoked in the form of a cigar or cigarette, or in a smoking pipe. Tobacco is also chewed, "dipped" (placed between the cheek and gum), and consumed as snuff.

Tobacco contains nicotine, a mild stimulant that is highly addictive. All of the mentioned means of consuming tobacco result in the absorbtion of nicotine in varying amounts into the user's bloodstream.


Native Americans smoked tobacco before Europeans arrived in America, and early European settlers America adopted the habit and brought it back to Europe with them, where it became hugely popular.


  • more biology of the plant - growing conditions, etc.
  • medical - epidemiology of lung cancer, why it's carcinogenic, more on nicotine & addictiveness
  • how is it cured/prepared for different uses?
  • what the hell is snuff?
  • history - tobacco trade, triangular trade, role in development of the american south
  • contemporary politics - anti-tobacco lawsuits & legislation