Tobias Hoevekamp

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Tobias Hoevekamp is a Ph.D. student in the institute of Food Process Engineering at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich. He started out his Ph.D. work in the field of numerics (Computational Fluid Dynamics tackled by the Finite Element Method). In an intermediate state of his work, experimental work on producing emulsions within porous media was added to his objectives which became the focal point lately.

He got fascinated by the drive of free software and is convinced that the philosophy behind free licences like the GPL will have a significant influence on our life. He is pleased to see that this philosophy fertilizes already areas outside its primary field of application as indicated with the emergence of the GNU Free Documentation License and - for example - Wikipedia.

He sees the main advantage of free software (and likewise free knowledge and free speech) in the utilization of Synergy which seems to be unparallized in human's history. Tobias likes to compare the evolution of nature with the evolution of the Noosphere. Both form complex structures that are apparently self-organizing. Entropy is considered a good concept for explaining the emergence of structures. Tobias thinks that additionally utilizing the concept of Synergy will provide a much better explanation for the both, the evolution of the nature and the evolution of the Noosphere.