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Toyota (豊田) is a automobile manufacturer in Japan. The company has been making cars since 1947, and today they are one of the top car manufacturers with large market shares in both the US and Europe. As well as automobiles, it has a heavy vehicle division, selling under the Hino brand.

Toyota is Japan's biggest car company, and is immensely profitable. Its massive cash reserves dwarf those of many countries. Toyota's vehicles are generally highly regarded for their quality, proficient engineering, and value, but their designs are viewed as anonymous and lacking the flair of smaller manufacturers. Toyota does, amongst its more predictable high-volume models, produce a number of exciting sports cars amongst one of the largest ranges of vehicles of any manufacturer.

Toyota also produces a range of SUV's. Indeed, one of its first export markets was exporting its Landcruiser model to Australia in the late 1950's.

Toyota has also been successful in racing, especially in Rally with the Toyota Celica.

Also see Lexus.