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Train, in its most common current usage, is the collective word for locomotives and attached cars that run on a railway. A train includes one or several locomotives, and may include one or several cars.

Passenger trains usually travel between medium range destinations, leaving really long travels to aeroplanes. When passengers are aboard, a dining car is usually attached to the train, in order to give them the option to purchase food whilst travelling.

A usual kind of train is the underground train used as public transport in many cities around the world. The tram is also a kind of train, albeit a very small one.

Trains were first utilized during the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, and have been used since to carry heavy loads over land (see rail transport).

Several very famous train routes exist. Among them are noted: the Orient Express and the Transsiberian railway.

Train also may refer to a "train," or caravan of wagons, mules or other forms of transport.