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Tricky (b. 19??), Bristol born rapper and musician. Important figure in the Trip hop and British music scene (despite loathing the "Trip Hop" tag). Tricky was a member of several important Bristolian bands including The Wild Bunch and Massive Attack.

He left Massive Attack to release his debut album Maxinquaye. The album was a massive success and Tricky was catapulted to international fame, something he was notably uncomfortable with.

Currently resides in New York.


  • Maxinquaye
  • Nearly God
  • Blowback


  • Tricky Kid


Tricky failed to complete a number of lyrics for the Massive Attack album Protection and gave the band some of the lyrics he had written for Maxinquaye instead. Different versions of the same song appear on both albums although only the Massive Attack versions were released as singles.