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Hi Sara! I've also been working on some Neopagan topics. I did Wheel of the Year and related pages, Neopaganism, and some others that you've also now been working on. Since we seem to be interested in some of the same things, I just wanted to say hi. --Dmerrill

A belated welcome to Wikipedia! Thanks for all your good work. --Larry Sanger

    • Larry is a stand up guy! -T

See also the Wiki guide for the Ann Arbor / Ypsilanti area: Ypsilanti Eyeball

Hey T, why not wikify /The Fritz List? --STG

Good idea. When i get a chance I'll do that. -t
There. Mostly wikified. Hope that helps some. -T

Hey there! Created an entry for Tecumseh, Michigan (and I'm sorry it probably took so long; been awhile since I came by here). It needs work, but it's there. -Ajdecon