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When capitalized, the word Turkey refers to a country (Türkiye) placed between Europe and Middle East (see Asia Minor). Official spoken language is Turkish. Capital city is Ankara (2.6m). Other important cities are Izmir (1.7m), Istanbul (6.6m), Bursa (0.835m)

Ethnic background: Approximately 80% Turkish, 20% Kurdish. Small numbers of Greek, Armenian, Arabic, Jewish and others.

Religious background: mostly Sunni Muslims 98% with Orthodox Christians, Armenian Apostolic, Roman Catholic and Protestant minorities (2%).

From the CIA World Factbook 2000. Not Wikified.

Not capitalized, the word turkey can mean:

  1. Any of a small number of large birds with fan-shaped tails and wattled necks commonly domesticated and used for poultry. Especially the North American Meleagris gallopavo and Central American Agriocharis ocellata. The "Australian turkey" Choriotis australis is more accurately called a bustard.
  2. The meat of a turkey(1).
  3. An failed event such as a theatrical production or scientific experiment.
  4. An undesirable or annoying person.
  5. In bowling, three consecutive strikes.
  6. "cold turkey", a drug addict of withdrawal without gradual tapering off usage