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Shouldn't this be under "U-Boat" instead? Or should we move most of the foreign countries, as well as many United States cities (e.g. New Orleans)? --KQ

That's where I put it originally, and I'm not keen on the move for that reason. Also, I saw pages in German that referred to nuclear "U-boots", while most usage of "U-boat" is to refer to World War I and II German subs. But I didn't want to get into a Wikipedian swapping war (I change it back, he changes it again, etc.). --Belltower

It's not a swapping war to move something back, it's a swapping war in it gets moved back and forth more than once. It's hard to know when to translate and not to translate (czar no, rex yes, with plenty of gray area), but I think a reasonable standard to go by is what would be more likely to be linked to, and in this case that would be U-boat. Heck, that's the term used within the article itself.