USS Arizona

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The USS Arizona was a US Navy battleship sunk at the Battle of Pearl Harbor with the loss of 1,177 of her crew.

Arizona was a Pennsylvania class battleship launched June 9, 1915, and was commissioned October 17, 1916. It was built as part a modernization drive to prepare the US Navy for World War I.

Length: 608 feet  (185.3 meters)
Beam: 106 feet, 2 inches  (32.3 meters)
Draft: 28 feet, 10 inches  (8.8 meters)
Displacement: 34,207 tons 

During the attack on Pearl Harbor, a 1,760-lb (800 kilograms) bomb pierced the Arizona's forward ammunition magazine, causing an explosion that sunk the ship in under nine minutes.

Today the USS Arizona is an United States national landmark. A memorial, including a shrine room listing the names of the lost crewmembers on a marble wall, has been built across the ship's sunken remains. While the superstructure and main turrets were removed for scrap, the ring of one of the turrets remains visible above the water. Even today, more than 50 years after the explosion that destroyed the ship, oil leaks from the hulk and rises to the surface of the water.