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Peterhouse is the oldest college in the University of Cambridge. It was founded in 1284 by Hugo de Balsham, Bishop of Ely. Peterhouse has (2001) approximately 250 undergraduates, 90 graduate students, and 45 fellows, making it one of the smallest /Colleges in the University of Cambridge.

Famous alumni of Peterhouse

Charles Babbage (His analytical engine anticipated the modern computer) 
Richard Baker (News reader) 
Henry Cavendish 
Christopher Cockerell 
Richard Crashaw (Poet) 
James Dewar 
Duke of Grafton (Prime Minister 1768-1770) 
Thomas Gray (Poet) 
Colin Charles Greenwood (Bass Player of Radiohead) 
Michael Howard 
Lord Kelvin 
Sir A Klug OM PRS (Nobel Prize Winner, Peterhouse Fellow) 
Archer Martin (Nobel Prize for developing partition chromatography) 
James Mason (British film star) 
Sam Mendes (Film producer) 
Andrew Perne 
Max Perutz (Nobel Prize for determining the structure of haemoproteins) 
Michael Portillo 
Claudia Pugh-Thomas (Trapeze artist) 
John Whitgift 
Frank Whittle (Developed jet propulsion) 

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