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How should go forth to add information about Venus the goddess, which is linked to from other articles about mythology?

Added a stub to the page - please edit as appropriate.


Um, click here - Venus, then click on "edit this page right now!" at the bottom of the page, then help to write a good encyclopedia article.

Any newbies - see also How to edit a page and FAQ

Okay, it was a quite generic question from my side, as I've seen several topics where there are more than one relevant answer. I was browsing about mythology, clicked on 'Venus' and got a page about the planet Venus.

Now, should one make a link such as Venus the goddess, and add that to a 'See also: ' page at the bottom of the current Venus page, or? .. I was thinking about using a single ---- , but as there are already two such in use of the layout of the current article, that wouldn't distinguish it as a new topic ..

Apparently people haven't been using a format like Venus the goddess

Correct .. so, what does one do if one want to add an article about her? :)

Either add it to the Venus page (in the section on "Venus the goddess") or start a separate page with a separate title if that's more appropriate.

It was our intention to use titles like "Venus (Planet)", but the software doesn't support it. We've been in the process of changing software for a while now, so this will get fixed as soon as we do. --LDC