Victoria University

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Victoria University is the oldest university in Wellington, New Zealand. Its campus is located on the hill of Kelburn, above the Wellington central business district.

The Victoria University is part of the University of Toronto and consists of Victoria College ("UVic", or even "Vic" for short) and Emmanuel College. Victoria University is somewhat distinct from the rest of the University being across Queen's Park from the main section of the campus, along with St. Michael's College. The reputation of Victoria University is as a closely knit hard-partying college, but one that also performs exceptionally academically -- particularly in the humanities and theology.

Victoria University was originally founded in Cobourg, Ontario, to the east of Toronto in 1836. In 1892 it federated with the University of Toronto, and became Victoria College while also retaining the "university" name that reflected its history as an independent institution. The current campus at the corner of Queen's Park Crescent and Bloor Street in Toronto was opened the same year. In 1928, the independent Union College federated with the theology department of Victoria College, and became Emmanuel College.

The oldest residence building is Burwash Hall, which is dominated by Gate House, the last reamaining all male residence space at Vic.

Alumni of Victoria University include Lester B. Pearson, Margaret Atwood, Northrup Frye, Donald Sutherland, and Norman Jewison.