Virginia class submarine

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The Virginia-class attack submarines (SSN) are the first U.S. submarines to be designed for battlespace dominance across a broad spectrum of regional and littoral missions. They complement the Seawolf class submarine's capabilities for open-ocean, "blue water" missions.

General Characteristics

  • Builders: Electric Boat and Newport News Shipbuilding
  • Length: (114.91 meters) 377 feet
  • Beam: (10.36 meters) 34 feet
  • Displacement: 7,800 tons
  • Speed: 25+ knots
  • Cost: about US$1.65 billion each (based on FY95 dollars and 30-ship class)
  • Crew: 134 Officers and Enlisted
  • Armament: Tomahawk missiles, VLS tubes, MK-48 torpedoes, four torpedo tubes, advanced mobile mines, and unmanned undersea vehicles.