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A town in central Maui just west of Kahului, located at the mouth of the Ioa Valley. In the early 20th century Wailuku was the main tourist destination on Maui, though it has since been eclipsed with the rise of the resort towns such as Ka'anapali, so much that there are no hotels to speak of in Wailuku. It is, however, a pleasant community that tourists may wish to visit on a day trip.

Worth seeing are the Ka'ahumanu Church which dates to 1876, and the Bailey House, also a 19th century relic that is home to a history museum. There are also many small shops.

There are two ancient temples near Wailuku, called heiaus - the Haleki'i Heiau and the Pihanakalani Heiau. Both date back hundreds of years, and were used for human sacrifices by the native Hawaiians.